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Let's Rock Publishing is a company founded in 2014 that brings rivetting works to our readers. Here's some information about our latest releases!

Berlintoxication is a dark historical steampunk fantasy set in an alternative Berlin during the late 1800s. Berlintoxication can be found at Smashwords here. This is what people have said about it:

"One does not see Germany star in Steampunk literature very often, and I must say that the location is fascinating and refreshing. I might call portions of this book revolutionary, or at the very least quite punk ... I recommend this novel for those who wonder where the “Punk” part of “Steampunk” has gone. Here it is, dancing through the streets with circus performers and a clockwork bear." - Gearhearts Steampunk Review (four out of five gears)

"Very interesting and highly recommended book ... reminds me of Hermann Hesse, George Orwell and Philip Pullman. It's brilliant, compelling, eye-opening prose; vividly, richly composed, alluringly dripping with intrigue and history, powerfully conveying a sense of a whole world and a world beyond." - Jake Wyatt, Head in the Clouds

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You can also download the crime story that Dame Agatha Christie never wrote (but probably should have done) The Mystery of the Second Cucumber for FREE as well as the haunting tale Change, also completely FREE by Stephanie Laimer-Read.


Our scorching punk release Needles & Pins - A Punk Novel is available at iTunes, Scribd, NOOK and Smashwords!

Here's what people are saying about the book:

“An exciting, visceral account of the late 70s UK punk scene - a must read for any punk ” - Jacob Solstice, lead guitarist at Discharge Lounge

“Such an enjoyable read that will drag you in and make you want to be right there in the moment.” - Jasmine Johnson, bassist at Reset the Agenda


“The writing sucked me in and I ended up reading it by itself from beginning to end.” - Marcus Blakeston, author of Punk Faction, Skinhead Away and other top novels

Find out more at the Needles & Pins website including punk polls, free excerpts and fascinating interviews from people on the early punk scene.

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Tom and Stephanie with Paul Knight and Alan Moore!

Photo by John William Brown.

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We also have a Let's Rock Reviews Blog where we give our opinions about the latest cultural releases.

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Needles & Pins - A Punk Novel by Tom Laimer-Read

Smashwords, iTunes, Kobo, NOOK, Scribd and more.


Berlintoxication by Stephanie Laimer-Read

Smashwords, Kobo, Scribd, and more.


The Steaming Pistons Steampunk Compendium I - Steam Rising by Philbert Chicory

Smashwords, iTunes, Scribd and more


The Literary Tour of London by Tom Laimer-Read

Smashwords, iTunes, Scribd, Kobo and more

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